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Trade-ins are welcome. We service all makes and models

Trap Contaminants and Keep Your Home Clean


A central vacuum system is a powerful, built-in system that can help you keep your home clean. These systems use a powerful central unit located in the basement or garage that feeds to inlets in different areas of the home. You can then attach hoses to these inlets to remove dirt, debris and other contaminants and funnel them to the central unit for removal.

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Do you need a new vacuum? Interested in a New Air Purification System?

We provide laboratory-tested systems to clients from Berlin, Old Saybrook, Middletown, Manchester, Norwich, Danielson, CT and the surrounding areas

Keeping your home or business clean is an essential part of your day-to-day life. When you need effective cleaning equipment in Berlin, Old Saybrook, Manchester, Norwich, Middletown, Danielson, CT, Westerly, RI or beyond, trust Aerus. We carry everything from vacuums to air purification systems so you can remove contaminants from your property and breathe a little easier.

We're dedicated to helping you create a healthy environment. Contact us now if you need new equipment for your home or office.

Interested in a New Air Purification System?


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Trade-ins are welcome. We service all makes and models

Providing the equipment you need

Looking for a vacuum store? Trying to simplify your cleaning routine? We're here to meet all your needs. At our store, you'll find:

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Dirt and debris are vacuumed from surfaces and carried away through specifically designed tubing to the central power unit normally located in a garage, basement or utility room, making it unable to reenter your home's air. The canister contains a filter that captures 99.97% of pollutants as small as 0.3 microns, which is operating at HEPA standards. Cyclonic suction prevents clogs and ensures consistent, powerful airflow for better suction.

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Whenever you need new cleaning equipment, turn to us for unbeatable customer service and excellent products. Many of our customers choose us for our:

Experienced approach-we were first founded as Electrolux in 1924
Personalized service-our small team works hard for every customer
High-quality products-all our products are laboratory- and university-tested

With our professional team and exceptional products, you can't go wrong with our vacuum store. We'll make sure you have everything you need to take care of your home or business building. Check out our About Us page now to learn more about our team.